Health Care Operations (HCO)

(Theme Leader: Vikram Dokka)

Healthcare institutions always must operate under high-pressure situations. To deliver high-quality care and service hospitals/clinics must constantly redesign and optimize their processes. At HCO, our aim is to develop research in healthcare operations improvement. Specifically, we combine expertise in:

  • Operations Research
  • Operations Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Science and Machine learning to design and drive operations improvement.

We are especially keen to collaborate with hospitals and clinics to develop customized solutions for healthcare operational challenges. Current members within this theme are

Some of our recent and current work in research & consultancy include:

  • Statistical approaches to modelling patient length of stay at A&E. (Vikram Dokka)
  • Machine learning for disease prediction. (Vikram Dokka)
  • Predicting hospital admissions from the emergency department (Byron Graham)
  • Operating room and appointment scheduling. (Faersheed Hesaraki and Vikram Dokka)