Timothy Moore (Purdue) this Friday will talk about the effect of regulation on teens’ risky behaviour

Friday 6th May 2022 – 3.30pm Lecture Theatre (and Zoom)

Timothy Moore (Purdue University)

Title: “Shaping the Habits of Teen Drivers”

Abstract: We show that a targeted law can have broad and persistent effects on teens’ risky behavior. An Australian law banned first-year drivers from carrying multiple passengers between 11:00pm and 4:59am, which had represented 3% of their accidents and 18% of their fatalities. We find the reform more than halved targeted crashes, casualties and deaths, while also improving crash outcomes earlier in the evening. These effects persist for more than three years, delivering gains comparable to harsher driving restrictions. We consider potential explanations for this persistence, and find results consistent with habit formation aided by the expressive value of the law.

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